‘Trojan Horse’ Extremists Can Still Preach Hate in Birmingham Schools

Tahir Alam Trojan Horse

Despite government action to unseat Islamist radicals attempting to exert control over Birmingham schools, those responsible have merely moved to other positions of influence and continue to harass schools and “preach nonsense”.

Birmingham Perry Bar MP Khalid Mahmood, who was England’s first Muslim member of parliament, has confirmed the ease with which those discovered to be employing  ‘bad practice’ during the Trojan Horse scandal inquiry had continued their lives without impediment. The Daily Mail reported his comments when he said: “The governors involved in Trojan Horse are still around and still active. Many of them have resigned or have been removed from governing bodies, but no action has been taken against them.

“There’s still a group of people in the community who believe what they’re saying. It’s not good enough to say they’ve been removed. They’re still able to go out and preach this kind of nonsense”.

One ousted chairman of governors, Tahir Alam, now works at a ‘parental advice service’ with the Muslim Parents Association, an organisation which seeks to “help improve the personal development of Muslim schoolchildren through spiritual, moral, social and cultural development”. He had previously been described as a “ringleader” of the Trojan Horse plot at his school, and had called for all women to wear full-body coverings, for “harmful forms of music” to be not taught in schools, nor teaching art that included “three dimensional” images of humans.

When Alam resigned, he blamed his departure on then education secretary Michael Gove, accusing him of harbouring a nascent Islamophobia.

While authorities moved quickly to remove the school governors suspected of attempting to bring pressure on schools to adopt Islamist policies, they were not subsequently “investigated or banned”. Consequently, there appears to have been a series of reprisals, and further attempts at intimidation.

Breitbart London reported yesterday on former Trojan Horse schools, which have since found decapitated cats left on the playgrounds, dead animals strung up on the school gates, and death threats directed towards staff. One teacher reported organising a talk about homophobia, to have a threat made on her life: “any headteacher who teaches my children it’s alright to be gay will be at the end of my shotgun”.