Greenland Follows Europe and Votes to Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

gay flag

Greenland has legalised gay marriage in a parliamentary vote that follows the Irish referendum on the same subject by just a matter of days and legalisation in parent-nation Denmark three years ago.

Greenland, which is three-quarters covered by sub-Arctic ice sheet and is the worlds most sparsely populated country, had gay marriage legalised by a 27-0 legislative vote yesterday. There were two abstentions.

The plans to redefine marriage have been in the making since 2010, reports, but have been held up by a corruption scandal and snap election last year. It is the 21st country in the world to vote in favour of same-sex marriage, and the first marriage will take place on the first of October.

The change leaves the Faroe Islands, a constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark with the same status as Greenland the only part of the Danish Commonwealth where same-sex marriage and civil unions remain outlawed.


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