‘Religious War’: Muslim Migrants ‘Ambush’ Yazidis With Knives And Baseball Bats

Ezidi Press

A gang of Chechen Muslims wielding knives and baseball bats have allegedly “ambushed” a group of Yazidi migrants in Germany, sparking a “religious war” involving more than 100 people and leaving several hospitalised.

The showdown in Bielefeld, West Germany on Saturday night was initially reported as a random fight. However, Westfalen-Blatt reports that those suffering injuries were exclusively Yazidi.

A group called ‘Yazidis International’ has now claimed the Muslims lured the Yazidis out of their hostel, before attacking them with weapons in an assault that correlates with other attacks on non-Muslim minorities seen in Germany’s migrant centres.

One man suffered a head injury, another a skull fracture, one a hand fracture, and another person was seriously cut.

When the police arrived they described the situation as “very confusing” as they struggled to ascertain who was attacking who in the complex, sectarian religious conflict.

The Yazidi group, thought to be Iraqi Kurds, were angered by the initial attack, and began to muster later that evening with the intention of exerting revenge upon the Muslims, Neue Westfalen reports.

The Yazidis are thought to have organised on social media, with around 100 gathered near to the migrant centre where the Muslim migrants were staying. However, police managed to set up a roadblock to contain the group and further conflict was averted.

The police are now reported to be considering ways of keeping the two warring groups apart.

Multiple reports and studies on migrant centres and the migrant crisis in Germany have found that religious conflict and sexual violence is common and widespread among the new arrivals.

A report by Amnesty International released in January found that women travelling in the company of male asylum seekers have been subjected to sickening intimidation.

A separate study published by German newspaper Die Welt in February found that violence toward ethnic minorities, religious minorities and women had increased across German migrant centres.

Muslim men were singled out for tearing up Bibles and assaulting Christians, sexually abusing women and children and beating up homosexuals.


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