Report: Former U.S. Marine Kidnapped in Mexico

Report: Former U.S. Marine Kidnapped in Mexico

Fox News Latino is reporting that former U.S. Marine Armando Torres crossed the Brownsville, Texas bridge into Mexico to visit his father on May 14 and has not been heard from since.

Torres was supposed to return on the morning of May 15.

The former Marine’s uncle says he was was told that men were waiting for Torres when he entered Mexico, and allegedly kidnapped him. Other family members tell a similar story about Torres crossing the bridge, and how “there were people with weapons and they picked him up.”

Fellow Marines said Torres had long expressed frustration with Mexico’s gun laws and the fact that Americans traveling there had to give up their ability to defend themselves. 

Those who served with Torres in Iraq have launched a Facebook page dedicated to helping find where he might be at this time.

Photo credit: KVEO