World View: Uighurs Launch Massive Knife-Wielding Terrorist Attack in China

World View: Uighurs Launch Massive Knife-Wielding Terrorist Attack in China

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  • China’s secret weapon in the South China Sea: 50,000 fishing boats
  • Uighurs launch massive knife-wielding terrorist attack in China
  • China says that some Uighurs are in Syria for jihadist training

China’s secret weapon in the South China Sea: 50,000 fishing boats

As China moves into the South China Sea, annexing islands andterritories that have historically belonged to other nations andthreatening anyone who tries to stop them with war, China is using 50,000 fishing boats — from privately owned craftto commercial trawlers — as a strategic asset. Each of these boats is equipped with asatellite navigation system that gives the captain a direct link tothe Chinese coast guard. In case of bad weather, or a Philippine orVietnamese boat in waters annexed by China, he can signal the coastguard for military help. China is encouraging boat owners to fish indisputed areas historically belonging to other nations in order toestablish a claim. The reason given for Chinese assertiveness is thatChina’s per-capita fish consumption is 35.1 kg, nearly double theglobal average of 18.9 kg. The UN projects that by 2030 China’s fishconsumption will increase more than 60% from 2008 levels, to 57.4million tonnes (63.3 million tons) — more than a third of the globaltotal. 

China is aggressively asserting claims to the entire South China Sea,including regions that have historically belonged to Vietnam, Brunei,Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. China is building anetwork of airstrips and military garrisons in the South China Sea inclear violation of international law and refuses to participate inany United Nations mediation efforts. Reuters and Quartz

Uighurs launch massive knife-wielding terrorist attack in China

Dozens of knife-wielding “thugs,” presumed to be Muslim Uighurseparatists, conducted a “premeditated and carefully planned” attackon a government building and police station in Ailixihu, a town inChina’s restive northwest Xinjing province. The terrorists killeddozens of Han and Uighur civilians and destroyed 31 vehicles,presumably because of their association with the local branch of thehated Beijing government. The police killed “dozens” of theattackers. 

The attack occurred on Monday, but was kept secret by Chineseauthorities, who issued the following censorship instructionsto the media: “Without exception, all media must refrain fromreporting on the violent terror incident in Shache County,Xinjiang.”

Any news of the incident was scrubbed from the internet as soon as itwas posted. However, news began to leak out to international media onTuesday morning, and by Tuesday evening, Xinhua published a story.

There have been increasing numbers of terrorist acts by Muslim Uighursin Xinjiang province. Chinese authorities have been doing everythingpossible to suppress any practice of the Muslim religion, even goingso far, a month ago, as issuing orders that Uighurs are not permitted to take part intraditional fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, which ran thisyear from Saturday, June 28th through the evening of Monday, July 28.Uighurs were prevented from fasting in schools and public offices, andinspections were to be made on Uighur residences. The attack came onthe last day of Ramadan. McClatchy and China Digital Times

China says that some Uighurs are in Syria for jihadist training

Wu Sike, China’s special envoy for the Middle East, says that China isextremely worried because Uighur jihadists from Xinjiang province havegone to the Middle East for training and may have joined the IslamicState / of Iraq and Syria (IS or ISIS) in order to join the fight inSyria or Iraq. 

According to Wu: 

Several hot spot issues in the Middle East haveprovided living space for terrorist groups, in particular thecrisis in Syria has turned this country into a training ground forextremists from many countries.

These extremists come from Islamic countries, Europe, NorthAmerica and China. After being immersed in extremist ideas, whenthey return home they will pose a severe challenge and securityrisk to those countries. They won’t necessarily all return (toChina). Some will remain to participate in the conflict, perhapscrossing into Iraq…

China is a victim of extremist, terrorist activities, and oursupport for fighting terrorism in this region is beneficial to ustoo. As a result China and those countries are in a closely knitcommunity of shared interests.

People Daily and Reuters

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