ISIS Supporters on Twitter Celebrate Attack in Tunisia


Radical Islamic Twitter accounts, mainly associated with the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), cheered the slaughter of twenty-two innocent civilians at a museum in Tunisia. Two gunmen in military uniforms stormed into the museum and took hostages. Tunisian authorities broke through two hours later, killed the gunmen, and ended the siege.

(Translations courtesy of Google and Bing)

Translation: “The best start is the most beautiful and the opening of the road is shedded with the blood of the Crusaders and Tunisia will become green from the red with the blood of the crusaders and their tails so that governs the law of God.”

Translation: “Raised the banner of punishment in Tunisia, and began the unjust punishment and will return to its wake, and the consequence for the cautious and wihout prisoners from the horrors of the mountains and seas of blood.”

A message about an attack in Tunisia made the rounds on social media two days ago. Officers killed the two gunmen, but it is not confirmed if they were members of the Islamic State. Nonetheless, jihadist Twitter accounts praised the terror group for the attack before it was confirmed.

Translation: “We congratulate the Islamic nation for the blessed operation in Tunisia. God, thank God.”

Citizens from Italy, Spain, Poland, Colombia, France, and Germany were among those killed in the attack. A Tunisian security officer and cleaning lady also died.

Translation: “Pictured [sic] of the blessed operation in Tunisia this morning.”

Translation: “Conquest! Tunisia picture showing the number of hostages of the infidel Crusaders in the museum.”

Translation: “Allah is the greatest! 19 miscreants went to Hell today. Black God accept Monotheism, and recompense us good Muslims.”

Translation: May the immortal God accept these Martyrs in Tunisia.

Translation: O Allah, accept the jihadist bombers among the martyrs.

Tunisia Prime Minister Habib Essid called it a “cowardly” terrorist attack and “authorities are still looking for three other gunmen.” The area in Tunis, the country’s capital, is a hotspot for tourists.

Translation: 22 dead, 50 wounded in Tunisia. Thankfully God provided strong Mujahideen.