'Romnesia' Replaces 'Big Bird' and 'Binders' As Latest Silly Obama Campaign Gimmick

'Romnesia' Replaces 'Big Bird' and 'Binders' As Latest Silly Obama Campaign Gimmick

First, there was “Big Bird.” Then, there were “binders full of women.” Now, the Obama campaign’s latest cheap campaign tactic against Mitt Romney is: “Romnesia.”

While Mitt Romney has been accusing President Barack Obama of not having a record or agenda to run on, Obama on Friday unveiled a new line of attack against Romney at a campaign stop in Northern Virginia, accusing Romney of coming down with a case of “Romnesia” for forgetting his previous stances on an array of issues.

At a Friday night campaign rally in Florida, Romney said Obama was playing “silly word games” and engaging in “petty attacks” instead of discussing issues. 

“Have you been watching the Obama campaign lately?” Romney said, according to FOX News. “They have no agenda for the future, no agenda for America, no agenda for a second term”

Obama said Romney the “severely conservative” said he was the “ideal candidate” for the Tea Party and now he’s saying, “what, who me?,” and “he’s forgetting what his own postions are, and he’s betting that you will, too.” 

“We’ve got to name this condition that he’s going through,” Obama said. “I think it’s called “Romnesia.” That’s what it’s called.  I think that’s what he’s going through.

Obama said Romney had a case of “Romnesia” on a range of women’s issues from “equal pay” to birth control and abortion. And Obama, perhaps the most anti-coal president, said Romney had “Romnesia” for forgetting that he had pointed to a coal plant and said the plant killed people a decade ago and tried to hit Romney on tax cuts even though Obama has threatened to take the country off the fiscal cliff for pure political gain if Republicans do not agree to not extending the Bush tax cuts across all income brackets. 

A Romney spokesperson, Amanda Hennenberg, said “Romnesia” was another sign that Obama was failing to “put forward a second-term agenda” because “when you don’t have a plan to run on, you stoop to scare tactics.” 

“Women haven’t forgotten how we’ve suffered over the last four years in the Obama economy with higher taxes, higher unemployment, and record levels of poverty,” Hennenberg said.  President Obama has failed to put forward a second-term agenda — and when you don’t have a plan to run on, you stoop to scare tactics.’