Glenn Beck Attacks Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ Campaign Slogan

Beck Cruz Iowa Rally

ANKENY, Iowa — On stage here as he was endorsing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for president, media personality Glenn Beck attacked GOP frontrunner billionaire Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

“I checked this over and over again because God forbid I say it and misquote someone,” Beck said. “That’ll be the only thing that the press will run, so I checked this over and over again to make sure it was exactly right. Mr. Trump is saying over and over again while on the road, ‘I will make America great again. I will make America great again.’ That’s not true. It’s not even possible. Each of us as individuals living our own dreams, making our own way, charting our own course, that is what makes America great.”

The crowd of about a thousand people cheered loudly.

“Anything else is fake and is self and it is empty,” Beck continued. “It is human ego and it is arrogant and it is dangerous. We have already had a president tell us in the past few years ‘You didn’t build that, you didn’t build that!’ We knew that was wrong. This is the same thing. ‘I will make America great.’ No, ‘We the people will make America great.’”

It’s worth noting that Trump got his campaign slogan from former President Ronald Reagan who, in 1980 with running mate George H.W. Bush, ran on the promise that they’d “Make America Great Again.”

When Cruz took the stage and accepted Beck’s endorsement for the presidency, he echoed Beck’s attack on Trump’s campaign slogan.

“You know, Glenn was right,” Cruz told his supporters. “No one person can turn this country around. It is only God’s blessing working through We The People that can pull this country back from the brink.”

The crowd went wild.