Exclusive — Mike Pompeo on General’s Warning of War with China in 2025: ‘Our Military Should Get Ready’

John Raoux, File/AP

Mike Pompeo, secretary of state and CIA director during the Trump administration, told Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday in an exclusive interview on Saturday he supported the point a U.S. military general made in a recent memo that the U.S. needs to be prepared for war with China.

NBC News reported Friday that Gen. Mike Minihan, commander of Air Mobility Command (AMC), wrote a memo that predicted that the U.S. would be at war with China over Taiwan in 2025. Minihan wrote that the U.S. and Taiwan would be “distracted” by presidential elections in both countries in 2024, and Chinese President Xi Jinping would have an opportunity to move on Taiwan. “I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me will fight in 2025,” said Minihan.

Minihan also reportedly told all air wing commanders in AMC and other Air Force operational commanders to report all major efforts to prepare for a fight with China by February 28.

AMC is responsible for transport and refueling of service members around the world.

Pompeo told host Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matt Boyle he had not read Minihan’s memo, but that, “the general point is very well taken.”

“The Chinese Communist Party has frankly…been at war, at the very least economic war, with the United States for 40 years, and we just turn the other cheek and let them run over us and build their economy on the backs of the American worker. And so I’m glad to see this,” Pompeo said of the memo. He added:

Yes, our military should get ready. I don’t know if 2024, 2025 is the moment, but we should be doing the hard work, getting our military space systems, our cyber systems, all of those lined up, and then working our tails off to continue to build on what I write about in [my book] Never Give an Inch; India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, our partners in the region the Philippines we should be working with them to deliver against the Chinese Communist Party a capacity to deter them from doing precisely what [Minihan] writes about.

“It’s possible to do — I pray that President Biden and his team are up to that task, and they are serious about it. I have seen some evidence that they’re working on it, but not not remotely fast enough, or seriously enough,” he added.

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