Gavin Newsom (Kyle Grillot / AFP / Getty)

Gavin Newsom Disqualified by Past Affair, Says Amanda Renteria

Former Hillary Clinton aide Amanda Renteria, a late entry to California’s gubernatorial race, says Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s past sexual misconduct disqualifies him from holding higher office, and suggested the Democratic frontrunner should resign from his current position.


Parrot Snitches on Alleged Cheating Husband

A woman who suspected her husband of cheating on her with their maid found evidence to prove her hunch when her pet parrot started squawking saucy lines that she knew hadn’t been said to her. The woman took the parrot

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FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin Kills False Enquirer Affair Story

In the critical early days of September 2008, after Sarah Palin was nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate for Vice President, the National Enquirer ran a cover story alleging that the Alaska governor had an adulterous affair.