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U.S. Taxpayers Continue Funding Commercial Flights for Illegal Immigrants

High-level U.S. government officials told a conservative non-partisan watchdog group this week that young migrants who come into the country illegally are relocated to their chosen designation on commercial flights paid for by taxpayers. Another veteran official said the migrants are given “the gold glove treatment.”

ICE officer with illegal immigrants on airplane.

Intruders Breach Airport Fences About Once Every Ten Days

A year after an Associated Press investigation first revealed persistent problems with airports’ outer defenses, breaches remain as frequent as ever – occurring about once every 10 days – despite some investments to fortify the nation’s airfields.

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London’s Heathrow Airport Considers Mimicking Israeli Model

TEL AVIV – London’s Heathrow airport is considering implementing new security measures modelled after the Ben Gurion Airport’s “ring of steel” following warnings from intelligence officials of a fresh campaign of Islamic State terror attacks.


Is It Safe to Fly? Airport Security in the United States

The downing of Egyptair Flight MS804 raises questions about the adequacy of airport security. Over the past week American news outlets have been reporting stories of airport security lines 2-3 hours long, with warnings that those lines could get even longer as the high season of summer travel gets underway.

Airport TSA Lines Elaine Thompson AP

Israel Recently Warned Belgium of Security Lapses At Airport — Report

The Times of Israel reports: Israel reportedly warned Belgian officials of the numerous security failings at the Brussels airport weeks before a series of deadly bomb blasts ripped through the site on Tuesday. Israeli security officials tasked with assessing safety

The Associated Press

Global Airports to Mimic Israeli Model After ‘Colossal Failure’ in Brussels

TEL AVIV – In the wake of the Brussels terrorist attacks, which a former security chief at Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport termed a “colossal failure” of Belgian security, the world is looking to Israel as a model. Authorities in Europe and across the world are tightening security at airports, railway stations, government buildings, and other critical sites after the deadly attacks Tuesday on the Brussels airport and metro that killed 34 people.

Security check-point lines stretch well in the baggage claim area 19 October 2001 at Denver International Airport

The TSA Is Making It Harder To Opt Out Of Airport Body Scanners

With little fanfare, the Department of Homeland Security has updated Transportation Security Agency protocols to make it harder for travelers to opt out of airport body scanners. “While passengers may generally decline AIT [Advanced Imagery Technology] screening in favor of


Reporters Find TSA Misses Weapons 75% of the Time

When investigators concluded that Russia’s Metrojet airliner was blown out of the Egyptian sky by a bomb smuggled through lax airport security in Sharm el-Sheikh, the Department of Homeland Security expressed concerns that American airports might also be vulnerable.


Report: Undercover Agents Able To Thwart TSA Security

“In one test,” ABC News reports, “an undercover agent was stopped after setting off an alarm at a magnetometer, but TSA screeners failed to detect a fake explosive device that was taped to his back during a follow-on pat down.”


Baggage Handlers Charged in Drug-Trafficking Ring

The arrest of 14 individuals charged with circumventing airport security to operate a nationwide drug trafficking organization has brought safety at America’s airports into serious question.

Southwest Baggage (Aero Icarus / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Machete Attacker at New Orleans Airport Dies from Police Gun Shots

A man who attacked Transportation Security Administration workers at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans with a machete on Friday night died Saturday from gunshots fired by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Lt. Heather Slyve, who rescued at least one TSA agent who was wounded in the attack.