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South Texas Town’s City Hall Shut Down by FBI

A multi-agency law enforcement task force raided and shut down the city hall building of the town of Crystal City, Texas, on Thursday. Five city officials and a Texas businessman were arrested on corruption charges.

FBI Crystal City

Supreme Court to Hear Cases on Religious Liberty, Public Corruption

WASHINGTON—Former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s (R-VA) bribery conviction, as well as the constitutionality of state laws banning money from going to religious schools, have joined the Supreme Court’s docket, as the justices on Friday filled eight spots on their docket for cases to be decided by the time the current year’s term ends in June.


DMV Employees Busted in Truck License Scandal

Several DMV employees in Salinas and Sacramento have been arrested, along with three trucking school operators, for allegedly using bribes to help up to 100 commercial truck drivers to obtain Class A commercial drivers’ licenses illegally.


Gulf Cartel Capo Bragged About Bribing His Way Out Of Jail

A recent shootout in this border city created controversy as to whether a high-ranking capo within the Gulf Cartel had been arrested, if he had managed to escape. He was also asked if he had taken part in an ironic twist in which authorities extort capos in order to guarantee their release.

A post by alleged Gulf Cartel Commander Jesus Garcia where he brags about bribing his way out of jail

Legal Expert On Whether Donations to Clinton Foundation Are Bribes: If It ‘Quacks Like a Duck, Chances Are It Is a Duck’

Should either the FBI or the Department of Justice, under recently confirmed Attorney General Loretta Lynch, fail to launch an investigation of this transaction, both will be vulnerable to charges that a double standard of selective investigation and prosecution exists. If you’re Hillary Clinton and engage in questionable behavior, you get a free pass. If you’re someone else—say, a conservative or an opponent of President Obama’s foreign policy, such as Senator Robert Mendez (D-NJ)– you will be investigated and prosecuted.

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Huge Kansas DL Employee Bribery Case Involving Illegal Immigrants Risks Aiding Terrorists

Twenty-nine Kansas government employees have been charged with bribery and other crimes in connection with providing fake drivers licenses to undocumented workers. A retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent told 41 KSHB Action News that issuing fake licenses could lead to a wide range of fraud and other criminal activity, including terrorist activity. The undocumented workers allegedly paid $2,500 to obtain these fake drivers licenses.

Corruption to issue Kansas DL to IAs - KCTV 5 Kansas City

Arizona Guardsman Finally Sentenced in 2002 Drug Trafficking and Bribery Case

Justice moved slowly for an Arizona Army National Guardsman who fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution after a 2002 drug trafficking and bribery case came to light. The former Arizona Army National Guard (AANG) sergeant was sentenced on February 20 to serve fifty-two months in prison for the scheme where he accepted bribes in exchange for using his military position to protect shipments of cocaine.