EU migration

UK Immigration At All Time High

Immigration to the UK hit 650,000 before the Brexit vote, its highest ever estimated annual level, jumping by 11,000.

Members of the border force stand guard as unaccompanied migrant minors living near the demolished 'Jungle' migrant camp in Calais, wait to leave for reception centres around France on November 2, 2016 in Calais, northern France. The dismantlement of the camp that once housed up to 10,000 migrants, most of …

Poland Wants Emigrants In Britain To Return, Just Not Yet

WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland’s eurosceptic government has long said it would like Poles living in Britain to return home, but it is now promising to fight for their right to stay after the British vote to leave the European Union.


Theresa May: Don’t Expect Migration Controls Any Time Soon

Tory leadership frontrunner Theresa May has said she wants to “guarantee” position of EU migrants living in the UK and warned that cuts to migration won’t be coming quickly. Speaking on ITV’s Peston on Sunday Mrs May said, “I want

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Immigration Jumps By 20,000 Weeks Before Brexit Vote

The last set of official immigration figures before Britain votes on its membership of the European Union (EU) shows net migration has risen to 333,000 – up 20,000 from December 2014 and the second highest level on record. The numbers,


EU Demands UK Builds 150,000 Homes A Year To House EU Migrants

A Brexit supporting Tory Minister has brought to light a new European Union (EU) report demanding the UK builds hundreds of thousands of new homes because “demand continues to outstrip supply” due to mass migration from the EU. The report,


Buried Whitehall Report Proves Brussels Controls UK Borders

The government has been accused of burying a report which proves that Britain does not have control over her own borders while remaining a member of the European Union. The paper, entitled Rights and obligations of European Union membership confirms

European And Turkish Leaders Hold Summit On Migration

Britain Deserves Truth On Immigration

One of the best scenes in the BBC’s political sitcom ‘The Thick of It’ shows the main character, Malcolm Tucker, trying to hide an overspend right down low in the news agenda, over-complicating it with false facts and figures, and


Europe Feels Fallout From Merkel Migrant Magnanimity

Angela Merkel may have won praise from the world for Germany’s open-door policy on refugees, but a confused and divided Europe is feeling the fallout from the decision, analysts said. The German chancellor’s sudden move in early September to welcome