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FBI investigation

Linda Tripp: The Colossal Clinton Con

She’s finally done it. The country faces a possible constitutional crisis should Hillary win the election. With a federal criminal investigation of the President-Elect underway, President Obama might well issue a preemptive presidential pardon on his way out the door.

linda trip

Hillary Clinton’s Head Trauma Only Allowed Her to Work ‘A Few Hours a Day’

Though Hillary Clinton and her supporters have mocked those who have questioned whether her health problems would interfere with the demanding duties assigned to the presidency, Clinton herself said her head trauma caused her to limit her work as secretary of state to only “a few hours a day,” and to not recall briefings related to the secure handling of government records, FBI documents reveal.


Poll: Trump Beats Hillary Clinton on Honesty

A new Rasmussen survey finds Donald Trump with a 2-1 edge over Hillary Clinton on an important measure of honesty. Almost a third of likely voters, 30 percent, said Trump was more honest than the average politician. Just 15 percent of voters said the same about Hillary Clinton, though.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump look set to slug it out for the White House in November's presidential election

Crystal City Mayor Arrested Again, ‘He was Inciting a Riot,’ Says Police Chief

The embattled Mayor of Crystal City, already facing a recall election, was arrested Tuesday night during a city council meeting after the mayor and citizens got into a pushing and yelling match that got out of hand. Things got worse for the mayor when he was found with an illegal pill in his pocket when he was processed into the jail.

In this photo taken on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016, Crystal City Mayor Ricardo Lopez is taken away from city hall by police, in Crystal City, Texas, after allegedly disrupting a City Council meeting while fighting a recall effort that began before his indictment this month in a public corruption investigation …