Jerry Brown’s New Budget Includes Millions to Defend Illegal Aliens from Deportation

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his May revisions to the state budget proposal he rolled out in January. Buried deep among billions of dollars in proposed new spending are millions of dollars for the state to provide criminal defense for illegal immigrants in California who are facing deportation to their home country by our own federal government.


Brexit: Shakespeare Was Dead Right About Lawyers…

“Kill all the lawyers.” This has got to be my favourite line from Shakespeare – especially after the British High Court’s decision on the EU Referendum whereby a trio of left-leaning activist judges were able to overturn the democratic will of 17.4 million people by ruling: “No. That thing you all voted for. You can’t have it because obscure technical detail…”

Founding partner of SCM Private LLP Gina Miller (C) leaves after the High Court decides that the Prime Minister cannot trigger Brexit without the approval of the MP's at The Royal Courts Of Justice on November 3, 2016 in London, England. Leading legal figures have been arguing the historic case …

Top Law Firm Seeks to Block Article 50

A top law firm, on behalf of an anonymous group of clients, will launch a legal bid to block the new Prime Minister triggering Article 50. Senior figures in the European Union (EU) and European governments have stated they want

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Lawyer Drives Uber, Sues San Diego-Area Law School

A former student of San Diego’s Thomas Jefferson School of Law (TJSL) whose wife is dying of cancer is suing the school for misrepresenting its postgraduation employment figures, leaving him driving an Uber to support his family.

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Survey: 1 In 4 Lawyers Abuse Illegal Drugs

More than a quarter of British lawyers currently take recreational drugs and nearly 60 per cent said they had done so at some stage in their lives, according to a recent survey of the legal profession and law students. Responding to


L.A. Schools to Provide ‘Free’ Lawyers for Illegal Alien Kids

The Board of Education for the Los Angeles Unifies School District (LAUSD) has a new plan to help illegal alien students facing removal from the country: have the district’s lawyers volunteer time to help the students fight deportation. Although the ostensible

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Judge Furious with CA Supreme Court Ban on Judges in Boy Scouts

The California Supreme Court, interfering in the affairs of the Boy Scouts, decided on Friday to bar judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts because of the organization’s “invidious” discrimination against gays, triggering an angry outburst from one judge and like-minded opposition from others.

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