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Report: Foreign Drug Cartels Targeting Legal Marijuana States

Federal officials claim that drug cartels from Mexico, Cuba, and China are taking advantage of lackadaisical enforcement of marijuana growing laws in states with legalized recreational use. These states are becoming “hit-or-miss” in enforcing laws that still prohibit the unregulated production of marijuana.

An investigator tosses marijuana plants outside an illegal grow operation in north Denver

Stoner Job Available as Marijuana Reviewer for Newspaper

Now that the state has legalized recreational marijuana use, a newspaper in Oregon wants to make a stoner’s pipe dream come true for one lucky weed connoisseur. The Portland-based publication The Oregonian has placed an ad for a “freelance marijuana

AP Photo/Matilde Campodonico

Texas Legislature Moves Forward on Marijuana Related Bills

The Texas Senate voted 26 to 5 on Thursday to allow the use of cannabis oil treatment for epilepsy patients. Senator Kevin Eltife (R-Tyler) is the author of the Senate Bill 339. According to the Quorum Report, the Senator said “he is very appreciative of my senate colleagues for passing this bill that gives hope of help for those with intractable epilepsy.”

A young cannabis plant grows at The Joint Cooperative in Seattle, Washington

Mexican Marijuana Production Slumps in Face of US Legalization

Mexican drug cartels may be raking in billions of dollars in profits every year, but new figures from both the United States and Mexican sources indicate marijuana from south of the border may be accounting for a much smaller share than before. Some drug war observers believe that legalization measures in certain U.S. states are causing not only a decline in marijuana smuggling, but a decline in Mexico’s homicide rate as well.

A soldier stands guard among marijuana plants at an illegal plantation found during a mili

Watch: Nancy Grace, 2Chainz Debate Legalized Marijuana

HLN host Nancy Grace and rapper Tauheed Epps (better known by his stage name, 2Chainz) debated legalized marijuana on Tuesday. Grace started by citing cases where young children were given marijuana by their parents, to which 2Chainz responded “from the