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Moazzam Begg

Terror Raid Suspect Allegedly Took Teens to Join Islamic State in 2015

Terror suspect Mohamed Amoudi, arrested in raids on Thursday, is claimed to have previously been released without charge after being accused of taking two teenage boys to join Islamic State in Syria. Amoudi is believed to have taken the teens out of the country after attending a talk given by Moazzam Begg’s CAGE organisation hosted by an Islamic society at Queen Mary, University of London.

Islamic State

Jihadi John Apologists CAGE Blame West for Westminster Terror

The ‘human rights’ group CAGE has blamed the Westminster terror attack on “a self perpetuating, vicious cycle of violence” triggered by Western foreign policy, as well as calling for the softening of anti-terror laws.


Channel 4 Hires Guantanamo Terror Detainee Spin Doctor

The left-leaning, publicly-owned Channel 4 has employed an Islamist sympathiser in its investigations unit for the flagship documentary programme Dispatches. Amandla Thomas-Johnson served as the press officer for CagePrisoners (now CAGE) which described Jihadi John, the ruthless ISIS beheader, as “a

Amandla Thomas-Johnson

‘Jihadi John Group’ CAGE Accused of Being Pro-Terrorist

The so-called human rights group Cage has sparked outrage by referring to hostage killer Jihadi John, now believed to be Kuwati-born Mohammed Emwazi, as an “extremely gentle, kind,” and “beautiful young man”. Today, questions are being asked about the group

Photo: AFP