2nd Texas Cop Shot in Less than 12 Hours

An Austin police SWAT officer was shot early Thursday morning while executing a search warrant. He was the second Texas police officer shot in the past twelve hours. The officer is in stable condition recovering from his wound.

Austin Swat - Twitter photo

Chicago Police Accused of Falsifying Accounts, Suppressing Witnesses in Laquan McDonald Shooting

As the investigation and the recriminations over Chicago’s handling of the Laquan McDonald shooting continues to rile the Windy City, witnesses of the shooting are now coming forward to claim that the Chicago Police Department coerced them to change their stories to better conform to the statements of officers on the scene and even threatened those who refused to obey.

AP Photo/Paul Beaty

Sotomayor Chastises SCOTUS for ‘Shoot First, Think Later’ Ruling in Texas Police Case

The Supreme Court of the United States issued a per curium decision today reversing a 2014 U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit opinion holding that a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper was not entitled to be granted qualified immunity. The officer had used deadly force to stop a driver in a high-speed car chase. Justice Sotomayor chastised the court for allowing a “shoot first, think later approach to policing.”

KVII Screenshot from Israel Leija Police Chase

Suspects Fire at Texas Cops While Fleeing Crime Scene

Two men fleeing in a Chevy Impala from a crime scene fired on two Texas cops. The Houston police officers returned fire after seeing muzzle flashes. No one was struck by the gunfire and the two suspects were stopped and captured a few blocks away from the scene.

Houston Police Shooting

Another Cop Shot in Ambush-Style Attack

A Las Vegas police officer was shot on Sunday in an ambush-style attack. A shooter walked up to the police car, opening fire and injuring one of the officers in the two-man police cruiser. The suspect is now in custody.

Las Vegas Police Officer Shot - Twitter - Breaking911