Pornhub Emails Reveal Horrific Policies on Reviewing Videos Flagged for Criminal Content Like Child Rape

Internal emails from internet porn giant Pornhub — and parent company MindGeek — revealed in a legal discovery show the executive team discussing the company’s shockingly weak policy on reviewing questionable videos, which was to only review a video if it had over 15 flags for criminal content. Such videos include revenge porn, underage girls, and even child rape.

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Nolte: Pornhub Chooses to Block States Rather Than Protect Kids

Rather than comply with a state’s age verification laws, Pornhub chose to block everyone from those states from accessing its site. Why? Several states, including Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Virginia, have passed age verification laws. According to various reports,

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Pornhub Blocks Access in States Including Arkansas and Virginia in Response to Age Verification Laws

In a sweeping response to new age verification laws in various states, Pornhub has blocked access to its adult content in Arkansas, Virginia, and other locations, igniting a debate over online privacy, child safety, and governmental regulation. The pornography company bizarrely argues that asking users to prove they are at least 18 years old “will put children and your privacy at risk.”

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Web Porn Kingpin’s Canadian Mansion Goes Up in Flames

The Montreal mansion of web porn executive Feras Antoon has reportedly been burned down in a suspected arson attack. Antoon is the CEO of Canadian operations for Mindgeek, the parent company of Pornhub, and had placed the mansion for sale at a price of $19,800,000.

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