Teach Schoolkids about Porn, Says Labour MP

Children as young as five should be taught about pornography, a report has said. Classes on relationships, online conduct and the dangers sexual abuse should be “compulsory” for those aged five to seven to help combat grooming, it adds.

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Indonesia: Police Arrest Computer Analyst for Streaming Pornography on Electronic Billboard

Jakarta motorists had an especially interesting commute last week when a Japanese porn film was screened on an electronic billboard for about five minutes until power to the billboard could be cut. The prankster has been identified as a 24-year-old IT analyst named Samudera al Hakam Ralial, according to International Business Times, and he might end up in prison until he is 30.

Police officers stand on a main road in Jakarta on Aug. 30, 2016, as a new traffic control system is introduced in the capital. Under the system, vehicles with odd-numbered plates are allowed to run on main roads during peak morning and evening hours on odd-numbered dates and those with …

Pakistan Tries to Block 400,000 Websites, Fails

Pakistan launched one of its most ambitious censorship initiatives in memory at the beginning of 2016, with a Supreme Court order to “take remedial steps to quantify the nefarious phenomenon of obscenity and pornography that has an imminent role to corrupt and vitiate the youth of Pakistan.” It’s apparently not going well.

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WATCH – Muslim Cleric on PA TV: U.S., Israel Spread Sex, Pornography, and Drugs in the Arab World

JERUSALEM – The U.S. and Israel disseminate sex, pornography, and drugs in the Arab world in order to destroy Islamic values, a professor of Quranic studies said on official Palestinian TV. In a show broadcast on Thursday, Imad Hamato, who teaches at the University of Palestine in Gaza, said that the U.S.’s plan to impose American values on the Arab world began with former President George W. Bush. Hamato claimed that Bush said, “We will enter Iraq and bring in pornography and we will teach them the American civilization and culture.”

Former President George W. Bush attends an event at Warren Easton High School to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on August 28, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Florida Teacher Arrested After Watching Porn in Class

A high school teacher in Mulberry, FL is facing multiple charges after students caught him watching gay porn in class, according to a report by ABC13. During 47-year-old Vadi Velez-Gonzalez’s intensive reading class at Mulberry High School, a student went to


EU Ruling Bans New Internet Porn Filters

The European Union voted through a new law in Brussels on Tuesday, making some internet porn filters illegal and obliging internet services providers (ISPs) to treat all online content “without discrimination, restriction or interference.” Certain ISPs such as BT, Sky


Pornhub Accused of Using College Scholarship to Lure Co-eds into Porn

Critics of the site say that Pornhub is luring countless young people to submit erotic videos of themselves under the pretense of encouraging university studies, while the website says that applicants don’t necessarily “have to film a porn” to win the scholarship. “It’s definitely not a requirement,” said Pornhub Vice President Corey Price. “The criteria [sic] isn’t to submit the best porn video and get a scholarship. I would be surprised if we had any pornographic entries,” though others counter that it is “understood” what Pornhub is really after.