Media Blackout: Letter from a Black Man in Baton Rouge

While the MSM wants to pitch Baton Rouge as an example of racist America, when I talk to the residents of Baton Rouge—some white but mostly black—I’ve gotten a different story; one that’s more complex than the simple paint-by-numbers Democrat narrative that the media is shoving down America’s throat.

Leslie Parms, with the Nation of Islam, talks to a small crowd outside the Triple S Food Mart where Alton Sterling was killed, July 11, 2016 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sterling was shot by a police officer in front of the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge on July …

Rick Perry: GOP Has Ignored Black Vote for Too Long

“When it comes to race, America is a better and more tolerant and more welcoming place than it has ever been. So why is it that even today, so many black families feel left behind?” asked Perry, noting that African-Americans continued to economically lag behind other Americans. Democrats have long had the opportunity to govern in African-American communities. It is time to help black families hold them accountable for the results.

Rick Perry

Baltimore in Israel: Ethiopians Protest, 27 Police Hurt, Major Road Blocked

JERUSALEM, Israel — Thousands of Ethiopian immigrants to Israel continued their nationwide protest against police brutality on Sunday evening, shutting down a major highway for three hours and demonstrating in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square. As in protests last Thursday in Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv protest turned violent, and 27 law enforcement officers were injured, according to Ynet. The protests were sparked by video of two policemen beating an Ethiopian soldier in uniform.

Ethiopian Protest in Israel (Reuters)

Starbucks Baristas To Hassle Customers About ‘Race Relations’

The Starbucks coffee chain announces a “race relations initiative” to allow employees to opine about race, whether customers like it or not. Perhaps some quick-thinking restaurant chains will begin advertising themselves as peaceful politics-free zones where people can enjoy meals and beverages without being proselytized from every angle.

File photo

Poll: Americans’ Outlook On Race Relations Experiences Sharp Decline

While Americans are generally more satisfied with their quality of life ahead of the State of the Union his year than they were last year, Americans’ outlook on race relations have taken a nose dive, according to a new poll. A mere 30 percent of Americans polled expressed satisfaction with the state of race relations, down 25 percentage points from 2014, when 55 percent said they were satisfied.

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

‘Selma’ Under Fire for Dishonest Trashing of Lyndon Johnson

The stakes are pretty high for “Selma,” a historical biopic about the landmark 1965 civil rights march that focuses on the relationship between civil rights leader Martin Luther King and President Lyndon Johnson. Even before it hit screens, the critically-acclaimed


Boehner Ally Steve Scalise Rocked By White Supremacy Scandal

A member of John Boehner’s inner circle is under fire even as the House Speaker is at his most vulnerable. Exactly one week before the House GOP’s top official will seek re-election to his post, multiple sources report that his deputy, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, spoke at a conference of white supremacists back in 2002.


Buchanan, Zuckerman to Al Sharpton: Enough Already

Mort Zuckerman and Pat Buchanan expressed their displeasure with Rev. Al Sharpton, awarding him the “Enough Already” award on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.” Buchanan simply declared that Sharpton deserved the award, while Zuckerman stated “Al Sharpton, we’ve had enough of him over


Bill Kristol: Obama Set Race Relations Back

Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol argued that President Obama set race relations in the US back on Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.” “President Obama and Eric Holder have done damage to race relations, I really am personally distressed about this…the one thing


Should Bill de Blasio Resign?

It is difficult to imagine that New York City mayor Bill de Blasio can continue governing after he has lost the confidence of the police department in such dramatic fashion. On Saturday, police officers staged a silent protest by turning

NYPD officers turn their backs on De Blasio (Screenshot / YouTube)

A Nation at War with Itself, Crying out for Leadership

Six years ago, Americans elected Barack Obama the first black President of the United States. It was a sign–not that racism had disappeared from our country, but that race was no longer an impediment to the highest possible achievement. Obama had