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Dem Sen. Blumenthal: ‘The Walls Are Closing in on Donald Trump’

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) reacted to the Southern District of New York’s sentencing memo on former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen by stating that the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, “and the

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 26: Senate Armed Services Committee member Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) talks to reporters following a closed-door briefing at the U.S. Capitol October 26, 2017 in Washington, DC. Members of the committee were given a classified briefing from Pentagon officials about the circumstances surrounding an October battle …

Blumenthal: If Trump Pardons Manafort, It Could Be Obstruction of Justice

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said if President Donald Trump were to pardon his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, it could be obstruction of justice. Blumenthal said, “A pardon could well be obstruction of justice if done with criminal

Sen. Richard Blumenthal

Blumenthal: Whitaker Is ‘Essentially a Lackey of the President’

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) on Tuesday’s “New Day” on CNN discussed the lawsuit he and fellow Democrats filed to challenge the legitimacy of President Donald Trump’s appointment of Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. Blumenthal questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s appointment, calling