Rio Bravo

39 Rescued from Human Stash House near Border in Texas

A tip from a concerned citizen in Rio Bravo, Texas, led to the rescue of 39 migrants warehoused near the Rio Grande. None of the people packed into the small house had personal protection equipment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Human smuggling stash house operation in Rio Bravo, Texas, is disrupted by Border Patrol a

Three Deported Child Molesters Arrested After Illegally Crossing into Texas

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents arrested three previously deported child molesters after they illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas. This marks the eleventh time this fiscal year that agents in this sector have stopped illegal aliens convicted of sex crimes against children from successfully making their way into the U.S. interior.

Border Patrol agents arrest an illegal alien who crossed the border from Mexico into Rio B

Mexican Border Gas Station Sold Stolen Cartel Fuel for Years, Say Prosecutors

For more than two years, a gas station in this border city worked as a front for the sale of fuel allegedly stolen by Mexico’s Gulf Cartel. State and federal authorities raided the business after an investigation revealed that, since June 2015, the gas station had not been buying gasoline from Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX), the entity in Mexico that controls all of the extraction, refining, and sale of fuel in the country.

Mexican gas station

EXCLUSIVO GRAFICO: Autoridades Descubren Narco-Fosa en Ciudad Fronteriza

RIO BRAVO, Tamaulipas — Los horrores de la guerra de cárteles que se vive en esta ciudad fronteriza se revelaron una vez mas con el descubrimiento de una narco-fosa. El descubrimiento se llevo acabo en un momento en que grupos rivales del Cartel del Golfo llevan una cruenta lucha por control de la región que ha dejado mas de 158 muertes en balaceras o ejecuciones y un numero sin fin de desaparecidos en la vecina ciudad de Reynosa.

Gulf Cartel

EXCLUSIVE–GRAPHIC: Authorities Discover Cartel Mass Grave near Texas

RIO BRAVO, Tamaulipas — The horrors of the cartel war in this border city have once again been revealed with the discovery of a new mass grave. The find comes at a time when rival groups from the Gulf Cartel wage war for control of the region–leading to more than 158 deaths through gun battles, executions, and disappearances in Reynosa.

Gulf Cartel