Melania and Baby

Baby Name ‘Melania’ Flying Up the Charts

“Melania” was among the top five baby names in rising popularity last year, the first year of Melania Trump’s time as first lady of the United States.

A worker in a bakery in Sevnica, Slovenia shows off a First Lady Melania Trump apple pie. (Photo for Breitbart News/Penny Starr)

Exclusive: First Lady Melania Trump’s Good For Biz Back Home — Tourism in Sevnica, Slovenia ‘Double’ Since Presidential Election

SEVNICA, Slovenia — Janez Levstik offers a bright smile and a firm handshake when he greets visitors at the information center in the heart of Sevnica, a hamlet of 5,000 in southeastern Slovenia. The tours he leads these days, however, aren’t to the medieval castle (Gard Sevnica) or hilltops with views of the picturesque River Sava that runs through the heart of town.

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 21: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump sits with his wife Melania Trump while appearing at an NBC Town Hall at the Today Show on April 21, 2016 in New York City. The GOP front runner appeared with his wife and family and took questions from …

Politico: Slovenia’s Nationalist Party Embraces Trump

LJLJUBLJANA, Slovenia—In the gray drizzle of the Slovenian capital, a crowd of hundreds gathered in February to protest the flow of foreign refugees through their tiny country. Confronted with riot police, some cried, “Traitors!”

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Slovenia To Receive First Migrants From EU Forced Relocation Quotas

(Reuters) – Slovenia is due to receive the first 30 refugees and migrants from Greece under the European Union migrant relocation scheme, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. EU leaders in September approved the transfer of about 160,000 asylum seekers


Slovenia to Ban Transit of Migrants as Crisis Spirals

Slovenia announced Tuesday that it will refuse the transit of most migrants through its territory in a bid to seal off the Balkan route used by hundreds of thousands of people seeking a new life in Europe. The dramatic twist


Slovenian Army Deployed To Border With Croatia To ‘Help Police’

The Slovenian parliament late Monday authorised the army to help police manage the flow of migrants crossing the Croatian border into Europe’s Schengen passport-free zone, which has been rocked by the refugee crisis. The bill sailed through, approved by 69

Slovenia Migrant Fence

Slovenia To Clamp Down On Migrant Border Entries

(AFP) – Slovenia said Sunday it would clamp down on the number of migrants allowed to enter the country, ahead of tougher measures set to be announced by neighbouring Austria later this week to slow down the influx. The two

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Austria Threatens to Extend Border Controls

VIENNA (Reuters) – Austria will extend its border controls if Turkey does not take back refugees picked up at sea on their way to Greece, Chancellor Werner Faymann said in an interview with the daily Oesterreich. He had earlier said

Asylum Seekers

Austria Turns Away Hundreds of Migrants for Lying About Nationality

VIENNA – Austria has sent hundreds of migrants back to neighbouring Slovenia in the past three days for lying about their nationality in an apparent attempt to improve their chances of being granted asylum, a police spokesman said on Tuesday.