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Tech Explainer: How to Disable 3 of Google’s Main Ways of Tracking Your Every Move

Google and the other Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe have built their empires based on surveillance capitalism — the practice of sucking up every detail of users’ private lives for use in targeted advertising. Although data collection goes hand-in-hand with the use of modern technology, there are some things we can do to slow down Google’s ability to track our every move. In this article we’ll give you easy steps to shut down three of Google’s most common trackers.

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How to Avoid Hackers Trying to ‘Brute Force’ Your Password

According to a recent analysis by Microsoft, hackers are extremely unlikely to attempt a “brute-force” attack user passwords longer than 10 characters. 77 percent of brute force hacking attempts were on passwords with seven or less characters, according to the study.

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Explainer: How to Work Around App Store Censorship on Mobile Devices

Following the removal of alternative social media sites such as Parler and Gab from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, many have been left thinking they unable to access these platforms on their mobile devices. Here is how to easily access them whether you use an iPhone and Android device.

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How to Protect Your iPhone from Facebook Snooping

A recent report claims that a “bug” in Facebook’s iOS app activates iPhone cameras and microphones when users scroll through their newsfeed. Breitbart News has listed the steps to disable Facebook’s access to your camera at the bottom of this article.

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