Texas-Based Border Sectors

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Says State’s Border Security Op Effectively Moving Migrant Crossings to Other States

The Texas governor’s office says Operation Lone Star successfully moves migrant border crossings to other states, including the northern U.S. border with Canada. A recent U.S. Customs and Border Protection report indicates a decrease in migrant apprehensions in Texas-based border sectors and a simultaneous increase in the Tucson, Miami, and Canadian border sectors.

A migrant group marches through the desert in Arizona. (U.S Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

Texas Military Deploys Additional Troops to Border Ahead of Title 42 End

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the deployment of an additional 545 National Guardsmen to assist in the newest surge of migrants crossing the border from Mexico. The deployment under the state’s Operation Lone Star comes days ahead of the expected May 11 end of the Title 42 migrant expulsion program.

Texas military officials deploy an additional 545 National Guardsmen to the border ahead o

648K Migrants Apprehended in Six Months in Texas-Based Border Sectors

Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 650,000 migrants during the first six months of the current fiscal year in the five Texas-based sectors. This is up from the record-shattering pace set last year when agents apprehended nearly 627,000 migrants who crossed the border between ports of entry.

Venezuelan migrants get in line to receive donations of clothing and food at the camp area

485K Migrants Apprehended this Year in Texas-Based Border Sectors

Border Patrol agents assigned to the five Texas-based border sectors apprehended nearly 485,000 migrants who crossed the border from Mexico into this border region since October 1, 2022. This represents nearly 64 percent of all migrant crossings along the southwest border with Mexico.

Eagle Pass Station agents apprehend a single group of more than 700 migrants. (U.S. Border