Tour de France

On Brutal Tour Day That Culls 12 Riders, Froome Still on Top

CHAMBERY, France (AP) — The Tour de France threw the kitchen sink at Chris Froome: steep mountain ascents followed by daredevil descents at speeds exceeding 70 kilometers (45 miles) per hour that wiped out other riders, the loss of his top teammate in a crash, a breakdown on his bike, and rivals who tried to make him crack with bursts of acceleration.

On brutal Tour day that culls 12 riders, Froome still on top Photo

Watch: Cyclist Smacks Fan in Face During Tour De France

During the eighth stage of the Tour de France on Saturday, cyclist Chris Froome fended off a fan running alongside him by smacking him in the face. The fan, wearing a Colombia soccer jersey and sporting a big sign and

During the eighth stage of the Tour de France on …

Defiant Lance Armstrong To Ride Section Of Tour De France Route

Former US cycling star Lance Armstrong is back. Well, that assumes he ever went away in the first place. The disgraced drug cheat and seven-time winner of the Tour de France will ride on a charity bike tour in Britain next month

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong: I’d Probably Cheat Again

Monday on BBC News, even though being caught doping stripped him of his seven Tour de France titles, former cyclist Lance Armstrong said considering the amount of money raised in both the cycling and cancer research worlds, he would “probably”