Rocky Mountain College Refuses to Refund Students for Housing Costs

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Students at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, were surprised when they learned last week that the college would not offer pro-rated housing refunds to students that have left campus due to the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report by Campus Reform, students at Rocky Mountain College in Montana learned last week that they will not receive housing refunds this semester despite the fact that many have returned home.

Students around the country have been demanding refunds from their universities and colleges during the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Breitbart News reported in March that students were petitioning for refunds for services they are no longer receiving. Many students have demanded housing refunds. Others have demanded refunds for on-campus resources such as fitness centers. Institutions such as the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Stanford University have already refused to issue refunds for the spring semester.

Rocky Mountain College student Emily Kokot told Campus Reform that she has been forced to pay for a dorm room that she is not using. To make matters worse, Kokot lost her part-time job as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

“The pay wasn’t great. I didn’t get a whole lot of money from it,” Kokot says in the video interview. “My last paycheck was about a hundred dollars, and as a poor college student that really does go a long way. That amount really helped pay for the cost of food.”

“That paycheck also helped with books,” Kokot added. “Last year…I took an economics class that required me to buy a book that was $250. And I used it once and couldn’t sell it back.”

“I lost my job and I’m still having to pay for the dorm I’m not living in,” Kokot finished.

Rocky Mountain College told students in March they will not refund housing fees because their dormitories remain open. Despite this, many students have returned home to self-quarantine with their families.

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