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Another Filibuster In The Works? Paul, Cruz, Lee Vow to Block Gun Control Legislation

The Senate's three stalwart defenders of the Constitution, Senators Paul, Cruz and Lee,  plan to hand deliver  a letter to Harry Reid, Tuesday,  reading in part, “We will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions.”

 Reid plans to bring up a gun-control measure that focuses on broadening background checks and cracking down on interstate gun-trafficking after the current Senate recess.

Conservatives are concerned that once that bill reaches the floor, amendments could stiffen restrictions on gun control.

Moreover, they understand that Reid intends to allow liberal amendments that would limit clip capacity and ban certain assault weapons to be offered — even though they would be defeated — to give Democrats a chance to vote on them. For moderate Democrats in competitive states, that amounts to an opportunity to vote no and show allegiance to gun rights.

While not saying it outright, the Senators  seem to be implying that they will filibuster the initial motion to proceed.

At Big Government, Mike Flynn reports that the boys are playing political hardball with Harry Reid because the legislation is designed  to provide maximum benefit to vulnerable Dem Senators in red states.

Sens. Paul, Cruz and Lee call out the lie on this legislative sleight-of-hand. They have chosen to block any consideration of any gun control legislation. If the GOP caucus follows them, the Senate will never proceed to consideration of gun control legislation. 

We'll soon find out who in the Republican caucus follows them. It would be helpful for them to remember that Paul's filibuster earlier this month catapulted him into GOP superstar status, and into American history forever. Those who don't have the stomach to fight, should, as Flynn suggests, "move to the sidelines."


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