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Immigration Rules Americans, Says Pro-Amnesty GOP Sen. Murkowski

The nation’s population of 280 million native-born Americans and 32 million legal immigrants must open their home to illegal immigrants, including so-called “dreamers,” according to two pro-amnesty videos by Alaska GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski. In one video, which was Tweeted December


Sen. Flake Trades Tax Vote for Promise of Amnesty Debate

The immigration concession won by departing Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake in exchange for his vote on the tax bill is both a taken prize and warning flag for what promises to be a brutal and high-stakes debate over amnesty, corporate subsidies, and immigration reforms.

The Hill: Push for DACA Amnesty Deal Gaining Steam in the House

Renewed bipartisan efforts to hammer out a permanent fix for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has illegal immigration advocates hopeful that a DACA amnesty deal will reach the House floor this year where “a majority of House members” want to see it passed, Rafael Bernal reports in the Hill.