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Hamas Releases Islamic State Loyalists From Detention

Hamas has released 13 Islamic State loyalists from detention after they were arrested three months ago as part of the movement’s attempts to sidle up to the Egyptian authorities by cracking down on radical Islamists in the Strip, a top jihadi operative told Breitbart Jerusalem.

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Report: Qatar Brokering Hamas-Israel Prisoner Swap

A senior Hamas official confirmed Wednesday to The Times of Israel that Qatar and Egypt are involved in mediating between his organization and Israel, but stressed that Hamas will not even begin to talk about releasing Israeli civilians it has detained along with the remains of two IDF soldiers unless Israel first releases dozens of Palestinians it is holding.

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Hamas Increasingly Split Over Benefits Of Anti-Islamic State Campaign

Some members of the Hamas leadership have had second thoughts about their movement’s ongoing campaign against Islamic State sympathizers in Gaza, saying a more lenient approach would enable Hamas to tap into the jihadists’ arms and supply depositories in Sinai, according to Hamas sources.


Tensions Escalate Between Islamic State and Hamas

A senior Islamic State jihadist told Breitbart Jerusalem there was an escalation in the tensions between Hamas and IS, following a wave of arrests of Salafist militants in Gaza and the growing cooperation between Hamas and the Egyptian security services.


Arrested Hamas Operative Gave Israel Intel On Terror Tunnels

A high-ranking Hamas operative was arrested by Israeli security last month after crossing the border from the Gaza Strip into Israel, the Shin Bet security agency said in a statement Wednesday, announcing that his interrogation provided vast intelligence concerning the Palestinian terror group’s operations in the coastal enclave.