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New Yorker Author Blames America for Overseas School Shootings

Speaking at The New Yorker Festival on October 3, The New Yorker magazine author Malcolm Gladwell placed the blame for school shootings around the world at America’s feet by describing them as “an overwhelmingly American phenomenon.” He added, “To the extent that anything like [school shootings] happens anywhere else in the world, it appears to happen as a reflection of something going on [in America].”

Students at a Texas University Fearful After Third Shooting

Students at Texas Southern University (TSU) are expressing fear after a third shooting since the beginning of this school year. On Friday, 18-year-old freshman Brent Randall was shot and killed along with another student who was wounded. The shooting occurred at a student apartment complex located on the edge of the university campus.

1 Dead, 1 Wounded in Shooting Near a Texas University Campus

A suspect is allegedly in custody in connection to a shooting near Texas Southern University (TSU) that left one person dead and another wounded. The shooting occurred at a student apartment complex near the campus at about 11:30 CDT on Friday morning.

Oregon Shooting Leads To Speculation About 4chan

State officials have estimated that between 7 and 13 people have been killed at a mass shooting the Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Media outlets have drawn a link between the shooter and /r9k/, a board for social recluses on the