Media Breathlessly Covers Skewed OH Poll, Ignore Others

With three major polls showing Mitt Romney in a national lead (Gallup, Rasmussen, and Battleground) — the only hook the media can now hang its hat on to squeeze what’s left out of the “Inevitable Obama” narrative, is the state of Ohio.

Though three out of five Ohio polls show it a tie and Fox News has Romney down three but Obama hung up at 46, the only poll you’ll see talked about in the corrupt media is a wildly skewed Quinnipiac poll showing Obama up 50-45% in the Buckeye State.

The real news in that poll, though, and the news the corrupt media won’t report, is that Quinnipiac shows Obama will enjoy a turnout advantage that will double what he enjoyed in 2008. Four years ago, Obama enjoyed a D+5 turnout advantage in Ohio. Quinnipiac predicts Obama will enjoy a D+9 turnout advantage this year.

NO ONE believes Obama will improve his turnout advantage over ’08. NO ONE.

And yet these polls just keep on keeping on and the corrupt media keeps reporting them as gospel while almost completely ignoring theinconvenient polls.

What a racket.


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