Point/Counterpoint: Jeanine Pirro vs Alan Colmes on Mama Jihadi

Is Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of the Boston bombers, a sympathetic figure – just an ordinary mom grieving for her two lost boys? Or a repulsive, anti-American, radicalized harridan, using the bloated welfare state to help fund her Jihadi sons’ Islamic terrorist agenda?

It’s pretty clear where Pirro comes down on that one.

On Saturday night’s Fox News show, Justice With Jeanine Pirro, the judge took on “mama jihadi”, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, as well as the weak kneed Obama administration, and delivered an epic smackdown on each.

She played clips of Tsarnaeva’s bizarre ramblings, and responded to them with visceral disdain.

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva: Why did I even go there? Why? I thought America is going to, like, protect us, our kids; it’s going to be safe. America took my kids away from me! 

Pirro: “America took your sons from you?They injured more than 200. Blinded, deafened, and blew legs and arms off of innocent civilians. Turning the city of Boston into a locked-down war zone of casualties, amputees, and a future of post-traumatic stress. 

And America should protect you? Your sons killed Americans. We’re the ones who needed protection.And you ask why did I even go there? I’ll tell you why. You came to suck the fat of our land.To take our money.To educate your terrorist sons. To steal from us. To go on public assistance.To get housing and food stamps. 

While you’re driving your Mercedes Benz. All the while, your family’s going back and forth to the very country from which you claimed political refuge.”

“She probably is in denial – clearly – about what’s happened, and she’s grieving”, Colmes intoned. “She’s a mother who’s in tremendous grief. She’s not responsible for what happened, a week ago Monday….”

Keep in mind, US intelligence officials have confirmed that Zubeidat Tsarnaev was added to the terror watch list in Oct. 2011.

I think I’m with Pirro on this one.