Hunt for the Benghazi perpetrators

In response to Has Any Reporter Ever Asked Obama What Was Done “To Hunt Down The Perpetrators” After The Attack?:

Not only has the FBI been reduced to crowd-sourcing photos of Persons of Interest, but the special ops source who has been talking to Fox News says the government is “sitting on” information about the perpetrators, because it doesn’t want to be guilt-tripped in front of its media chums by the families of the Benghazi dead. 

This source also said the U.S. government knows who masterminded the attack, but he’s just walking around free in Libya.  The hunt for the terrorists of Benghazi hasn’t exactly been the tireless quest for justice that Obama promised.  The only person who seems to be suffering the wrath of the Administration is the one guy we know had nothing to do with the consulate siege: the creator of the YouTube video that Obama and his posse falsely blamed for the attacks.  He’s still in jail.

(I laughed out loud when I saw one of the Big Hollywood headlines today, referring to the American documentary maker charged with spying by the Venezuelan government – “Obama: Spy Charges Against US Filmmaker ‘Ridiculous.'”  Because Obama knows the right way to hold a filmmaker as a political prisoner, doesn’t he?)

With Barack Obama, politics always trumps every other consideration, including national security.  That’s no less true today than it was on the night of September 11, 2012.  Now, let’s see a few reporters other than Sharyl Attkisson start badgering Obama and his flacks to give a full accounting of his activities on that fateful night…