CNN's Brianna Keiler to Obama: 'What's Your New Year's Resolution?'

In Friday’s press conference, which CNN itself described as a “rare” thing, President Obama took to the podium ready to take questions. Millions have lost their insurance, the Administration is scrambling only hours before the deadline to carve out even more confusing ObamaCare exemptions, and the Middle East is a mess. But what was the question from CNN’s Brianna Keilar? She asked the president what his New Year’s resolution was.

That was actually her follow-up question. Her primary question was just as bad. She asked the president if he intended to negotiate on the debt ceiling.

Even Obama seemed surprised at the softball. “Oh, Brianna, you know the answer to that question,” he teased. Obama then used the question to re-litigate the shutdown. 

To their credit, Fox News’ Ed Henry, NBC’s Chuck Todd, CBS’s Major Garrett, and a few others asked a number of tough questions.