'Newsroom' Star Emily Mortimer: Tea Party 'Lunatic Fringe'

'Newsroom' Star Emily Mortimer: Tea Party 'Lunatic Fringe'

Emily Mortimer, star of HBO’s new Aaron Sorkin drama, “Newsroom,” lashed out at the Tea Party and Americans in general:

There’s so much wrong with England, but I think people are informed in general. I’m going to make a huge sweeping statement, but you just get the news much more [in England]. Listening to radio stations that play pop music all day and all night, the news will come on every two hours, foreign news too. It’s part of your daily routine, being informed about what’s going on in the world. Whether you like it or not, you can’t really escape it. I don’t think the same is true here, and television broadcast news especially seems to me to be a pretty dicey area. You can’t rely on getting the facts, or getting them presented in a way that is actually objective and makes sense and puts people in a position where they can make informed decisions about who to vote for. It’s just over-sensationalized and, as our show keeps pointing out, one of the big problems is that they act like there’s just two definite sides to every discussion — and that’s just not necessarily the case, but it feeds into the way this country has just become completely polarized. This Tea Party is presented on the television as the viable alternative instead of like a lunatic fringe.

You think it’s okay if we hate her back? You know, ignore and not support her work?

This is a key talking point from Mortimer’s rant. When speaking of the media, she openly decries objectivity:

[O]ne of the big problems is that they act like there’s just two definite sides to every discussion — and that’s just not necessarily the case[.]

This is the point George Clooney also made with “Good Night, and Good Luck.” Like that flop, “Newsroom” is apparently laced with a message to the media not to report the facts or both points of view objectively but rather to fight for “what is right.” Naturally, in Hollywoodland, “what is right” is always leftism and obviously the timing of the show’s premiere, just four-plus months away from a presidential election, isn’t accidental.

Hollywood is attempting to turn media bias into some kind of patriotic virtue. It’s a blatant attempt to sway the media into shilling for the Left and specifically Obama as though doing so represents a moral good. Laughably, bubbled fools like Mortimer and Sorkin aren’t satisfied with the fact that this is only happening 99% of the time instead of 100%. 

If Obama were doing better in the polls, Mortimer wouldn’t be hammering Americans for being uninformed, you can bet on that. When the Left sees their failed ideology failing, they blame everything but their failed ideology.


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