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BREAKING: New #ISIS Video Dares Cameron to Send Boots on the Ground, Urges UK Muslims to Cause Terror in UK

BREAKING: New #ISIS Video Dares Cameron to Send Boots on the Ground, Urges UK Muslims to Cause Terror in UK

A new video depicting what appears to be an injured ISIS jihadist has been released this evening, daring British Prime Minister David Cameron to send British troops onto the ground in Iraq and Syria.

The video, which bears the hallmarks of an official ISIS production including the black flag, the multiple camera angles, and other references to the Islamic State features a man with a British accent who addresses Mr Cameron as “that despicable swine” and refers to Britain as a “filthy, despicable country” despite obviously being educated and raised there.

The video, which lasts exactly two minutes, is entitled ‘Message of the Mujahid’. The presenter, who is thus far unidentified, says: 

“This is a message to that despicable swine David Cameron. You, along with all the other Western governments have decided to bomb the Islamic State. If you were real men you will [sic] send all of your forces down on the ground. You will not bomb us from the sky you will send them all down on the ground fighting us one by one, but you know in the hearts of your men, they’re cowards.

He then turns his ire to the United States:

“So America you think you’re a superpower? When in fact if you were a superpower you wouldn’t need these 40 other nations to come and fight us.

“You’re fighting people who love death more than you love life… send all your forces… we’ll send them back one by one in coffins”.

Speaking to the “brothers” (other Muslims) in Britain, the jihadist urges them to go and fight alongside him, despite the fact that he has been clearly injured in battle:

“A message to all the brothers in the UK, know that the caliphate has been established… if this isn’t the time you’re going to do hijra [migration], when is the time?

“Why are you still in Dar-ul-Kufr [the land of disbelievers]? What does Dar-ul-Kufr have to offer you? Why are you still in the West? What does the West have to offer you? What does that filthy, despicable country have to offer you? Nothing.

“The West offers you the dunya [earthly possessions] but Allah is offering you Jannah [paradise].”

To those unable to do hijra, he says, “Cause terror in the hearts of the kuffar [non-Muslim]. You’re living in the West. Unlike us you’re blessed that you can cause terror in the hearts of the kuffar, right in the centre.

“Unlike us you can cause damage, you can cause real damage. Right within the heart of Dar-ul-Kufr. So rise up my brothers, rise up.”

The video was uploaded on Friday evening to YouTube. Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office told Breitbart London they were not yet aware of the video.


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