UKIP Candidate: Free One Way Tickets to Syria For All Who Want Them

Keith Fraser UKIP

A UKIP candidate has said money spent trying to stop young men travelling to the Islamic State is wasted and could be better spent on one-way airfares.

Keith Fraser, who is standing in Hackney North and Stoke Newington made the comments in a blog post on his candidate website. Referring to those who despise the British way of life, calling them “cancer”, he said “you can bloody well go… get them to hand over their British passports on the way out, and wish them well, and say clearly ‘Don’t ever try and come back… ever’. Although theoretically, they should be too busy with their 73 virgins”.

“We don’t meed these traitors in our beloved country”.

The proposal is distinctly redolent of a Conservative party pledge to offer voluntary repatriation to recent migrants in the 1970 general election, offering government money for one-way tickets in return for surrendering citizenship and a promise not to return. Although Tory Edward Heath won the election, the policy was never instituted.

Fraser wrote yesterday: “Why are we concerned in wasting our time and resources in assuring these people don’t go to join? I say instead, let’s find out who wants to go, and we spend public money in chartering our own planes to take them there”.

Fraser, a chartered surveyor who campaigned for election in Barnet in 2014 as a “proud Jewish candidate”, wrote an article at the time in the Jewish News promising to campaign against the EU, and to support Israel.

Showing a slight difference of opinion with the UKIP party machine’s official stance on overseas military intervention, Fraser had a stark warning for the future of Britain if it fails to address Islamic extremism: “Whilst, I partly agree with Nigel Farage and my party’s belief in not getting involved in overseas wars, if these groups gain more power, they will not rest until they fly their flag over our shores, so we have to do something.

“We’ve had a London Mayor Ken Livingstone, hug and welcome a radical hate preacher Sheikh Qaradawii. Only last year, Diane Abbott, who I am running against, stood on a platform with a bunch of Jihadist sympathisers… we have the enemy within, and this has to be dealt with without compunction”.


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