Peterborough Child Sex Trafficking Ring Members Sentenced to 101 Years – so Far

Mohammed Khubaib
Cambridgeshire Police

Sentencing has begun for the predominantly Pakistani and Slovakian gang which groomed, raped, and trafficked a number of young girls in the cathedral city of Peterborough – some of whom were as young as 12 years old.

All 11 members of the gang, which operated out of a fried chicken shop, have now been found guilty of the charges, which included the abuse of 30 women – 15 of whom were below the age of 16, with nine members sentenced to jail so far. The last trial to be completed was of 43-year-old Pakistani heritage man Mohammed Khubaib, who was described in court as having “a persistent and almost predatory interest in young teenage girls”, reports the Evening Standard. 

Khubaib was arrested after having been spotted in Peterborough on three separate occasions in one week with young, drunk girls. When officers swooped on an address in the city to arrest Khubaib last year, they found him enjoying the company of two 14-year-old girls he had plied with gifts and alcohol. A witness said he had given the girls vodka, and was showing them videos on a laptop which had “porn-style scenes”.

Details of the depravity of the gang, which has been called Britain’s biggest child-sex-ring, have been slowly emerging over the course of the cases against the men. On one occasion a child with learning difficulties abused by the gang was taken to a children’s play ground, tied to a play-house and then gang-raped by several men in turn. One 12-year-old girl would be taken away from home for days at a time to visit several homes in the Peterborough area for sex.

Of the nine men already sentenced, four were Pakistani, three were Slovaks, one was an Iraqi, and another remains unidentified because of his age. They have been sentenced to 101 years and nine months between them. One of the men, 23-year-old Muhammed Waqas, will be deported once he has served his jail sentence.

Sentencing for the remaining perpetrators, which includes Khubaib, will be complete by mid-May.