British Jihadi Bride Posts Bizarre Poem Lauding Tunisian Terrorist Attack

Aqsa Mahmood

A prominent British jihadi bride who ran away to join ISIS two years ago has posted a poem on her blog rejoicing in last Friday’s murderous terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait.

Aqsa Mahmood, a former private schoolgirl from Glasgow penned her bizarre poem in “praise” of the terrorist atrocities, claiming that the jihadis are fighting to oppose oppression by a western culture which celebrates the legalisation of gay marriage.

Referencing America’s Supreme Court decision, she writes: “They are all drowning their future – in a river which flows but to one direction. / It is in Hell they shall reside, taking back what they now call in pride.

“In 3 different locations a family was born. Its name was change, freedom and revenge.

“Change for the life we have been forced to live. Without any freedom or choice, where we cannot practice our creed.

“Revenge. This is an answer to our imprisonment, they try to make us deaf, dumb and blind to the light of Allaah, but it will always outshine.”

She then goes on to accuse the west of atrocities, saying “When you clearly show that you have no pity for all, stop shouting your slogans for peace,” before ending with a warning: “If you show no mercy with us then why should we with you?”

She has previously insisted that there is a war currently being waged against Islam and demanded fellow Muslims “pick a side”.

Her parents have slammed their as “twisted and evil,” and have denounced her words as having nothing to do with their religion.

A statement released on behalf of the family by family solicitor Aamer Anwar, said: “The family of Aqsa Mahmood became aware yesterday of her blog Umm Layth posting praise for the attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait. They are full of rage at her latest diatribe masquerading as Islam during the holy month of Ramadhan.

“Whilst their daughter may have destroyed any chance of happiness for her own family, they are sickened that she now celebrates the heartbreak of other families.

“The Mahmood family have a message for any young person attracted to ISIS, they say there is no honour, no glory, no god at work in the cowardly massacre of holiday makers, people at prayer in a Shia mosque or an innocent man at his place of work.

“As for Aqsa’s words they can only be described as twisted and evil, this is not the daughter that they raised.

“The Mahmood’s thoughts and prayers are with the families who are grieving for the loss of their loved ones.”

Asqa rose to prominence as a jihadi bride after publishing her thoughts on her blog, and using Twitter to lure more young girls to Syria to marry jihadi fighters.

Last year it emerged that she was running a brigade of the all-female ISIS police organisation al-Khansaa, which operates as part of ISIS’ sharia police force as well as running a series of brothels selling Yazidi captives for sex.

The Syrian activist group “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” observes that local women fear “the female fanatics … particularly due to their use of torture.”

Aqsa has also used Twitter to incite jihadi violence in Britain, tweeting “If you cannot make it to the battlefield, the bring the battlefield to yourself.”

The Metropolitan Police have said that their case against Asqa is ‘well advanced’, and that she could be arrested if she returns to Britain. However, she has vowed to die a martyr.

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