Hungarian Deputy PM: ‘Islamic Invasion’ Will Reduce Europeans to ‘Minority in Our Own Continent’


Hungarian deputy prime minister Zsolt Semjen has warned that an “Islamic invasion” is bringing about a demographic transformation which will reduce Europeans to a “minority in our own continent”.

Earlier this week, Breitbart London reported a speech by the Deputy Prime Minister — made to hundreds of thousands of ethnic Hungarians at a pilgrimage gathering in Transylvania, Romania — which touched on this theme. The bureau has now seen an expanded statement on the subject.

“European civilization is now in extreme danger, for two reasons,” Semjen observes in previously unseen remarks, naming the first of these reasons as “the Islamic invasion”.

“Here I would like to stress that I regard Islam as a great civilization and a great world religion,” he said — but added that this “does not change the words of the Bible: ‘Everyone under their own fig tree.’

“Islam is not part of European civilization. Consequently, if large numbers of Muslims flow into Europe, then family reunification [chain migration], demographic trends, and the fact that Islam does not willingly assimilate – or even integrate – into European civilisation, mean that very soon we could become a minority in our own continent.”

Semjen pointed out that “parallel societies” have already developed in parts of Europe, that the threat of “living under the shadow of sharia” was real, and that this might be “the last possible moment at which we can still halt this process.”

“Indeed, I believe that there are some who are already lost,” he added sadly.

“I would venture to say that this is the last French generation which will be able to live the French way of life in France.”

Semjen said that the second key factor in Europe’s transformation, and the one which had allowed Islam to penetrate Europe “like a hot knife cutting through butter”, was “hatred of the church, represented down the centuries by revolutionary Jacobins, communists, and ’68ers, who have successively attempted to deliberately suppress and annul Europe’s Christian identity.”

Semjen claimed that this process had “brutally intensified over the past decade” and blasted the “EU decision-makers” who have “devalued and hollowed out Christian civilisation from within,” and decreased Europe’s birth rates through policies which have undermined the family.

“To be able to defend ourselves, therefore, we must first of all revive the self-esteem and pride of our own Christian civilisation,” he declared.

“Here it is very important to recognize that Christian civilisation has been created by Christian faith and religion, but members of this civilisation also include those who are not churchgoers,” he added.

“So while traditional Christian belief is welcome, this is not a question of religion… Christian civilization is also of vital importance to those whose belief is in European identity. In this sense, therefore, what we are really talking about is European self-defence.”

Semjen said that Hungary’s challenge to the attitude of the European Union — which he characterised as “migration is ultimately a good thing: why, after all, do we need Christianity here, or nation states?” — by erecting a border wall and halting illegal mass migration, had encouraged others across the continent.

“Now Austria is with us, and the Italian elections have shown in black and white that most Italians do not want to be an immigrant country, and do not want to surrender the Italian way of life and their country’s Christian civilization,” he said.

“I think that today this is the kind of revitalising force which will also awaken the citizens of Germany and France to the fact that if Hungary can stop immigration and reject a future as an immigrant country, then perhaps they too have the chance to choose another path,” he added — but warned that the globalist establishment would step up the pressure on Hungary because of this.

“In every forum we are attacked by EU leaders telling all kinds of lies about us, because they want to prove that migration cannot be stopped,” he said.

“This is why they want to ruin Hungary and overthrow the Hungarian government.”

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