Exclusive – Mark Cuban: ‘No Democrats or Republicans, We All Pull Together’

Mark Cuban on Breitbart News Sunday

Americans should come together and transcend partisan political differences in responding to the coronavirus outbreak, urged Mark Cuban, investor, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and co-host of ABC’s Shark Tank. His full remarks will be aired on next week’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak.

Cuban described cooperation he observed between Americans during the viral outbreak.

“I think that we’ve really come together as a country,” Cuban said. “I can’t speak for the world, but as the country we’re really realizing that the government is there to provide certain support … but it’s more about how we support each other, helping each other take care of each other’s kids, right?”

Challenges offer opportunities, noted Cuban. “I think it’s really allowed us to rally in our communities, and our families and friends, and offer support, even if it’s not face to face, and I think that’s been a real positive.”


Pollak asked how presidential campaigns should proceed while the coronavirus outbreak continues.

“I think we just put all politics aside,” estimated Cuban. “There was a point where I was a fan of Donald Trump’s, and there’s a point where I wasn’t, but I had to put that aside and say, ‘Okay, what best for the country?'”

Cuban called for the putting aside of partisan political differences in pursuit of a united effort to address the coronavirus.

“Whether you’re a fan of the president’s or not, whether you’re a fan of Joe Biden’s or not, whether you’re a fan of Bernie Sanders’ or not, it doesn’t matter,” Cuban stated. “We all are in this boat together, and we are where we are, and we have to speak jointly. We have to speak together as Americans, and we the people should come first before any reference to Republican or Democrat, and I say this to any politician that’s in any of this, ‘You even say the word Democrat or Republican pejoratively, you’re doing it wrong.’

Cuban went on, “Everything should start with we the people, and we have to do this as a country and put politics behind us and hopefully we’ll benefit from that. 

Governmental financial relief for businesses harmed by the coronavirus outbreak should treat all levels of employees equally, Cuban advised. A “working level employee” should receive equal treatment “in terms of equity on grants, options, or warrants” as CEOs and executives, he said.

President Donald Trump and the White House are responding competently to the coronavirus pandemic, assessed Cuban.

“I think they’re doing everything — for the most part — right,” determined Cuban of the Trump administration. “We’ve never been through this before. Nobody can speak from experience. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next, and so the best we can do is come together as a country.”

Cuban concluded, “Whether or not you like the president, whether or not you support him for reelection is irrelevant. Nobody knows exactly what to do. There’s going to be mistakes and we have to come together as a country and stand behind our government and say, ‘You know what, let’s do this together. It’s we the people. We’re not Republicans or Democrats anymore. Let’s do all we can to get this right.'”

Pollak’s full interview with Cuban will be aired on the next installment of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday.

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