LeBron James Wore ‘More than an Athlete’ Sneakers to NBA All-Star Game

AFP Jayne Kamin-Oncea
AFP Photo/Jayne Kamin-Oncea

LeBron James wants to show that he is “more than an athlete.” Which, would make you think that he would have happily accepted Laura Ingraham’s invitation to come debate her on Fox News by now.

Instead, LeBron has decided to express himself in the most athlete way possible: He had words written on his sneakers.

Last Thursday night, Ingraham addressed comments that LeBron James made on the multimedia site, “Uninterrupted.” Where James opined that Trump doesn’t “give a f*ck” about the people.”

Ingraham criticized James for mixing politics and sports, telling the three-time NBA champion to “shut up and dribble.”

In response, James wore sneakers to Sunday night’s All-Star Game which stated that he should not be considered, merely an athlete:

During James’ media availability session on Saturday, the Cavs superstar made it clear that he will not take Ingraham’s advice to just “shut up and dribble:”

“But we will definitely not shut up and dribble. I will definitely not do that. I mean too much to society, I mean too much to the youth, I mean too much to so many kids that feel like they don’t have a way out and they need someone to help lead them out of the situation they’re in.”

LeBron reveals no small amount of self-importance in this statement. One wonders how he has time for basketball between saving society, the youth, and kids. Still, despite his self-described importance to the world, LeBron has so far refused to accept Ingraham’s invite to debate her on Fox News.

For now, he seems content to let his sneakers do the talking.



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