Israeli Spox: Hamas Terrorists Aren’t Starving Because They Steal Aid, Pressuring Us Incentivizes Their Evil

Netanyahu Spokesperson Tal Heinrich stated that Hamas terrorists aren’t starving because “they’ve been hoarding and stealing the aid” as part of a goal to increase civilian suffering “in hopes that Israel will take the fire for it, and the international pressure on Israel will bring an eventual end to this war and let them stay in power, let them live another day, and carry out another October 7 massacre.”

In this Dec. 14, 2014, file photo, masked Palestinian gunmen of the Hamas militant group h

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Ronny Jackson Pans ‘Despicable, Immoral’ Calls from Dems to Withhold Aid from Israel amid War vs. ‘Evil’ Hamas

Iran and its proxies, including Hamas, are “evil” and “must be destroyed,” according to Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson, who on Wednesday slammed recent “despicable and immoral” calls from some Democrats to withhold aid to Israel, deeming President Joe Biden’s consideration of it a result of pressure from the “radical-left, liberal mob” who are “easily influenced” by terrorist propaganda.


CNN: There’s No Good Way to Ensure Hamas Won’t Steal Aid

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Laura Coates Live,” CNN Correspondent Hadas Gold and CNN Military Analyst Col. Cedric Leighton (Ret.) stated that it’s going to be very difficult to ensure humanitarian aid that goes into Gaza isn’t stolen by Hamas because


Japan: Giant Squid Statue Built with Pandemic Aid Earning Its Keep with Tourist Revenue

The government of Noto, a central Japanese town known for its squid fishery, said Monday that its once controversial decision to erect a giant squid statue with pandemic relief funds in October 2020 had paid off, as it had since boosted tourism in the area and thus generated significant income for the local economy, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) reported Tuesday.

squid state

Caroline Glick: Time for the U.S. to End Aid to Lebanon

After nine months, Lebanese Prime Minister Saed Hariri has finally bowed to reality. Hezbollah and its allies won the elections last May. And elections have consequences — which is why the U.S. should withdraw its support from Lebanon’s government.

Hezbollah Leader