Ethiopia's Spice Girls

Britain Ends Millions In ‘Aid’ Funding For Ethiopia Girl Band

Britain says it has ended millions of dollars in funding for an Ethiopian girl band, amid growing criticism at home of overseas aid. Yegna, sometimes called “Ethiopia’s Spice Girls,” addresses women’s issues in the East African country.

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UK Foreign Aid Spent on Five-Star Hotels and Chinese Restaurants

The UK’s massive foreign aid budget is helping to fund middle-class luxuries in booming economise, including Pakistan’s version of Amazon, Chinese restaurant chains, online gambling websites, five-star hotels and luxury shopping malls.


May Plans to Spend £100 Million to Keep Migrants Out of Europe

The British government is set to invest £100 million in Africa to stem the flow of migration from the continent into Europe. Part of the money will be spent on encouraging migrants to return to their home country. The Prime

Syrians unload boxes after a 48-truck convoy from the ICRC, SARC and UN entered the Syrian rebel-held town of Talbiseh, a besieged area in northern rural Homs, on July 26, 2016. The convoy, the second biggest convoy ever in Syria, carried food aid for 40,000 people and bulk food to …

Dozens of Syrian Aid Groups Cut Ties to UN Citing Assad Manipulation

73 humanitarian aid groups are dropping out of the United Nations “Whole of Syria” program, accusing the UN of cooperating too closely with the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. The move comes shortly after an exposé in The Guardian revealed deep financial ties between Assad and UN humanitarian projects in Syria.

Migrants stand behind a fence at the Nizip refugee camp in Gaziantep province, southeastern Turkey, Saturday, April 23, 2016. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and top European Union officials, under pressure to reassess a migrant deportation deal with Turkey, are traveling close to Turkey's border with Syria on Saturday in a …

U.S. to Cut Millions in Aid to Turkey over Misuse, Mismanagement of Funds

The United States government is cutting off millions of dollars worth of aid and is launching a probe into a network of NGO’s, companies, and employees in Turkey that have colluded to overcharge the U.S. government for basic aid it is providing to Turkey, as it settles thousands of Syrian refugees.

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Britain ‘Gave £1 Billion to World’s Most Corrupt Countries’

Britain gave more than £1 billion to some of the world’s most corrupt countries in 2013, possibly even helping fund extremism, despite numerous warnings that the money was being misspent. Anti-corruption group Transparency International says that all but 20 of