All-Star Game

76ers Joel Embiid Fakes Donald Trump Tweet to Win All-Star Votes

After coming back strong from injuries, Philadelphia 76ers Center Joel Embiid is in the hunt for a slot in the upcoming All-Star Game. As a way to gain votes, he cleverly used a fake Donald Trump tweet to convince fans to vote for him.

Joel Embiid

NBA Names All-Star Game Starters

The NBA announced its All-Star Game starters, and Kobe Bryant led the balloting to win a spot playing in his 18th such midseason exhibition.

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MLB Cancels Over 60 Million All-Star Votes

Major League Baseball may have just found out how easy it is to game an electronic, online election after its All-Star Game voting erupted with tens of millions of ballots for players for the Kansas City Royals. Now the league is canceling up to 65 million of those votes.

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All-Star Game Balloting Puts 7 Royals in 9 Starting Spots

Fans of the Kansas City Royals have voted so assiduously for the team’s players for the All-Star game that Royals players currently lead the balloting at every position except second base and one spot in the outfield.

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Did Marc Gasol Play All-Star Game in Future Home?

Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol will make his first NBA All-Star Game start this weekend. The big man’s appearance in the Big Apple may foreshadow the free agent’s future.

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