Venezuela’s Largest Beer Producer Shuts Down

Alimentos Polar, the corporation responsible for making 80 percent of Venezuela’s beer supply, has shut down all its beer plants after months of being denied the dollars necessary to buy malted barley for production. The shutdown threatens to completely deplete Venezuela’s beer supply.

In this Friday, July 31, 2015, a Polar beer vendor makes his last weekend delivery to a liquor store in Caracas, Venezuela. Starting Monday, at least two of Polar's six beer plants is closing temporarily for lack of ingredients, affecting 25% of beer production in a country with one of …

Between Import Woes and a Union Strike, Venezuela May Run Out of Beer

A Chavista union demanding higher wages, combined with difficulties in importing necessary ingredients, are threatening to leave Venezuela without beer. The potential scarcity of the extremely popular beverage is just the latest in a string of increasingly difficult to find common goods in the socialist nation.

Fernando Llano/AP