KFC Sues Chinese Companies for Saying Its Chickens Have 8 Legs

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s China division is striking back against rumors that it has genetically modified chickens to grow six wings and eight legs, filling a defamation suit against three Chinese companies as the Chinese government launches a campaign a to cleanse online “rumors, negativity and unruliness.”

KFC China (AFP / Getty)

Poultry Jihad: Islamic State Destroys ‘Infidel Chicken’ While Civilians Starve

The difficulty of life under the dominion of a psychopathic jihad state is highlighted by a Foreign Policy article cheekily entitled “Death to the Infidel Chicken!” ISIS has been busy burning boxes of chicken because the food is supposedly impure from their religious standards, while ten million hungry people watch. (For the record, the food was certified halal, i.e. compliant with Islamic dietary restrictions).