Unemployed Kenyan Doctors Outraged as Government Imports Cuban Slaves

Medical organizations in Kenya condemned a government plan Monday to import doctors from Cuba to address the nation’s vast shortage of medical professionals, citing that more than one thousand ready-to-work Kenyan doctors are still unemployed in the country.

Kenyan nurses and other health-workers demonstrate over low pay at Uhuru Park in downtown Nairobi, Kenya Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016. All doctors and nurses from public hospitals across the country have gone on strike, leading to a crisis in the health sector and putting emergency cases at higher risk of …

‘Around 150’ Cuban Slave Doctors Have Filed Suits in Brazil Seeking Freedom

Brazil’s Health Minister told reporters last week that his nation’s judiciary has seen “around 150” lawsuits by Cuban doctors forced to work for negligible salaries in Brazil, the pawn’s in an elaborate for-profit enterprise that nets the communist Castro regime millions of dollars a year.


Israeli Doctors Cure ‘Tree Man’ From Gaza

TEL AVIV – Israeli doctors have cured a Palestinian man from Gaza suffering from a rare syndrome known as “tree man disease” in which bark-like lesions covered his hands.

Tree Man Israeli doctors

Germany Accuses Doctors of Preventing Migrant Deportations

Fewer failed asylum seekers are being deported from Germany to their home countries and according to the German government it is doctors who are not allowing them to carry out deportations. The German Interior Minister Thomas De Maizière is causing

A young Syrian refugee from Damascus gets a vaccination from doctor Susanne Eipper (L) at the State Office of Health and Social Affairs (LAGeSo) in Berlin on October 1, 2015. A record 270,000 to 280,000 refugees arrived in Germany in September, more than the total for 2014. The sudden surge …

Report: Cuba Makes Millions Selling Blood from Cubans Without Consent

An extensive report published at the Cuba Archive Truth and Memory Project and flagged by the Cuban-American interest site Babalú Blog exposes the Cuban communist government’s decades-long scheme of profiting from blood and plasma-based products taken from unknowing or unwilling “donors.”

Franziska Kraufmann/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Report: Cuba Refuses to Pay Doctors Sent Abroad to Fight Ebola

The estimated 460 Cuban doctors deployed to west Africa to participate in the fight against the Ebola outbreak developing there last year have not been paid the car, home, or World Health Organization (WHO) salaries they were promised if they returned from the mission healthy.


Exiled Doctor: ‘I Could Not Afford an Egg a Day’ in Cuba

A Cuban-born doctor who has been living in Chile for more than two decades tells the Panamerican Post doctors could not afford to buy “an egg a day” to feed themselves and often woke up in the middle of the night due to hunger pangs.

Cuban Doctors Defected Reuters