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Isaac Orr: Trump to Obama’s Energy Legacy: ‘You’re Fired’

President Barack Obama campaigned with the pledge he would fundamentally transform the energy sector of the United States when he took office, and to a large extent, he succeeded. Most of this legacy was strong-armed into law using executive orders and administrative overreach, and, as a result, the survival of his agenda depended upon a presidential administration succeeding him with similar goals and a desire to cement his executive orders into place for years to come.

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How Anti-Frackers Raise The Risk of UK-Wide Blackouts

The risk of blackouts this winter has increased compared with a year ago, according to National Grid. More people demanding more energy at a time when new power stations are a rarity means that as supply meets demand something has to

Halliburton ruffles British shale feathers

Labour Stalls Britain’s Shale Revolution By Introducing Onerous Regulations

The Labour Party derailed Britain’s shale gas revolution last night by forcing the government to amend a new law giving fracking the go-ahead to include onerous regulations. Despite delivering lower energy prices in America, where fracking for shale gas has been embraced, Members of